The weekend retreat led by Suzana was a breath of fresh air and a cup of much needed water. She chose a delightful mountain location that blended contact with nature, quiet, community, a fantastic dance space, nutritious food, and plenty of forest to be on your own or in company. The weekend format worked magically to warm up, dive deep, then deeper, reflect, take a break, open up, integrate, chat and breathe. Suzana facilitated and led the entire weekend seamlessly and with incredible mastery and grace. I felt a welcome part of the group from the very start. I came out of the experience refreshed and inspired, with a deeper connection to soul. Suzana arranged the progression of the practice so that it flowed very organically, with long dance waves, quiet times for journaling or wandering, guided ceremonies, sharing moments to be seen and witnessed. She was there to support you if you needed to talk or ask questions, and she invited you take charge of your own practice as much as you wanted. Her knowledge of Spirit and embodied soul beings is vast and deep, and she shares it generously and with a soft touch, never putting herself on a higher level or pedestal, or acting like a “guru”. This beautiful woman walks (and dances!) her talk.
— EL, Environmental and Public Health Engineer
An incredible heart-centered offering! I am blessed and lucky to have been able to participate in this workshop. A true leader by example, Suzana lives her life in ritual, service and authenticity. She holds space in the same way. She creates an intimate and sacred container to move energy & her attention for each person’s process is unfaltering. Throughout the retreat I was supported, witnessed and listened to compassionately. I gained a powerful insight to myself and the world through this special offering of ritual and dance.
— MG, Biofeedback Practitoner & Massage Therapist
This work was recommended to me by a friend. I had not previously been to any sort of formal dance class so I was a little reluctant to just jump in, though I’m so glad that I did! It was structured in a way that started out slowly on the floor, and allowed for us to feel grounded and tune into our bodies and the music. There was a gradual progression that allowed me to feel free to move intuitively and naturally with whatever I came with that night and what ever came up in the moment but those awkward movements quickly became, just movement, which flowed and opened into fuller movement that opened gracefully. It was a wholesome somatic exploration of fullness and embodiment. “Medicine Dance” is an apt name as it was much about movement and reconnecting with my body as it was about reconnecting with my heart and spirit in a way that our daily lives don’t always allow. The experience was both nourishing and healing. I am grateful to Suzana for providing this opportunity and creating that space, where I could experience myself and others, feel welcomed and safe and let our self-conscious, critical selves fall away and just move freely. I look forward to continuing this journey.
— AB, Editor & Publisher
I truly enjoyed my experience dancing with Suzana. She took us on an amazing journey of connecting deep with ourselves and encouraged us to Feel and Embody the elements. She held such sacred space as facilitator and incorporated a beautiful circle of integration - I wish I could dance and journey with her every week! My soul appreciated it.
— MP, Artist & Community Organizer
That morning Suzana had her workshop at Sacred Spaces was such a gift. I camped right next to Sacred Spaces, and I awoke to the most beautiful sounds coming from the speakers. Thank you! I spent that morning not dancing, but lying down and absorbing the atmosphere she was creating with everyone. It was one of those spontaneous moments of beauty one is lucky to stumble upon.
— TH, Musician/DJ