One-on-One Custom Ceremony.

A personalized movement ceremony in nature just for you to focus on a specific healing, closing, transition or marking of a new chapter of your life. People choose these ceremonies to move through major life transitions such as a beginning a new career (or bringing close to an old one), finding completion in a relationship that has run it's course, entering into parenthood, preparing for marriage, or with a specific healing intent to resolve old patterns, conflicts and align more deeply with their purpose.  

This ceremony provides the opportunity to move through the grandness of all your human feelings in a safely supported way so that you can move forward into the beauty that life has to offer you.

We work together to create a self-generated ceremony that is meaningful and comfortable for you during this time in your life. 

This offering consists of:

-30 minute intake/consultation to gather information about what you are marking in your life to create a ceremony that is custom-tailored just for you.
-Personalized playlist created specifically for your journey.
-Daylong Medicine Dance in the Wild

Please use the CONNECT page if you would like more information about this ceremony. Currently being offered in Northern California, and soon to be offered in Oregon as well.